Monday, August 9, 2010

Rethink Alberta

I invite the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers to suck nuts after being subjected to yet another propaganda saturated commercial featuring a little old lady in a hardhat telling us how safe the oil sands are because they don't use water from a site but bring and recycle their own, topped off with something about CO2. As if the evil global power which is the petroleum industry can be disguised behind some simpering aged housewife in a plastic hat. But the most irksome (criminal?) omission had to be the fact that recycling water over and over through highly toxic (with the option to become radioactive) drilling muds, increases the concentration of poison within the water which then seeps through the soil into the underlying groundwater contaminating drinking water (not to mention the surrounding ecosystem) aided by surfactants. This has been confirmed by the rare cancers tearing through a village of 1000 individuals whose environment is saturated with poisons from upstream oil sands. Alberta government acknowledged increase in cancer rates but said that there was nothing to worry about and we should all wait and see what happens in the next 5-10 years. WTF??? Bottom line is a village downstream of the Alberta oil sands (operating since the late 60's) has been riddled with a 30% increase in a variety of at least 5 different cancers which have all been scientifically linked to chemicals from oil and tar sands, and the government (who just happens to make it's money on oil) says there is nothing to be worried about. Whew!
Below is a video put together by environmentalists wanting to warn others of this destruction.
Visit for one doctors account of the cover up of oil sand cancers.

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