Sunday, August 8, 2010

And the moon is made out of green cheese

Millions of gallons of highly toxic surfactants plus millions of barrels of oil = nothing?
Can two wrongs make a right? Are there really no health concerns? Is the oil really all gone? OF COURSE f*&^ing NOT! 200,000 million gallons of crude sludge does not just cease to exist because some microbes were hungry, stuff evaporates and we can't see it anymore. This ignorance was mirrored within the misplaced enthusiasm people seemed to experience yesterday over losing approximately 4.5 million barrels of slick death encapsulated within poison whose properties allow for unimpeded access through cell membranes and soil depth which normally would act as barriers. Mmmmm if standing in the sun too long and having a smoke can give you cancer what are the chances that drinking/bathing and frolicking in water laced with carcinogens at contaminant levels won't make you sick?

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