Sunday, August 8, 2010

Death of workers completely avoidable

The mysterious mud logs, like the black box of a plane or the captains ledger, it reveals all relevant geological and economical information pertaining to a deposit.
This report would allow us an unadulterated account of what really transpired within the company, a glimpse of the complete disregard that BP has for EVERYONE and ANYTHING which isn't a stockholder.
The company who analyzed the mud logs deny ever running any tests and that they have no such records on their premises; sneaky considering that the company never runs the tests they just analyze them, convenient because if those logs were ever unearthed Schlumberger would become liable for millions of dollars along with BP, Haliburton and Transocean (or the hoily trinity hehehe I so just did).

The story goes that tester dude told BP dude to dump an even heavier mud down the well to suppress gas pressure, BP dude said no (probably worried about wasting drilling time), tester dude says point me and my crew to the helipad cause we are leaving now, BP dude informs tester dude that there are no helicopters scheduled, tester dude calls home office with the conversation probably sounding something like "I don't care, get us off this f*^king thing because these crazy bastards won't listen to reason!". Tester dude and his crew are airlifted off the rig and to safety mere hours before the rig was engulfed in a toxic inferno of flaming oil and gas.

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