Monday, August 9, 2010

Rethink Alberta

I invite the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers to suck nuts after being subjected to yet another propaganda saturated commercial featuring a little old lady in a hardhat telling us how safe the oil sands are because they don't use water from a site but bring and recycle their own, topped off with something about CO2. As if the evil global power which is the petroleum industry can be disguised behind some simpering aged housewife in a plastic hat. But the most irksome (criminal?) omission had to be the fact that recycling water over and over through highly toxic (with the option to become radioactive) drilling muds, increases the concentration of poison within the water which then seeps through the soil into the underlying groundwater contaminating drinking water (not to mention the surrounding ecosystem) aided by surfactants. This has been confirmed by the rare cancers tearing through a village of 1000 individuals whose environment is saturated with poisons from upstream oil sands. Alberta government acknowledged increase in cancer rates but said that there was nothing to worry about and we should all wait and see what happens in the next 5-10 years. WTF??? Bottom line is a village downstream of the Alberta oil sands (operating since the late 60's) has been riddled with a 30% increase in a variety of at least 5 different cancers which have all been scientifically linked to chemicals from oil and tar sands, and the government (who just happens to make it's money on oil) says there is nothing to be worried about. Whew!
Below is a video put together by environmentalists wanting to warn others of this destruction.
Visit for one doctors account of the cover up of oil sand cancers.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

BP and the American government still lying through their teeth

BP and the government are telling Gulf Coast residents that the threat of ecological catastrophe, unleashed by BP criminal actions, will fade away now that the cement on the seal is holding. They claim that "[their] cleanup activities are still substantial".
This of course is a load of so much toxic sludge and just as impossible to swallow for anyone who isn't being paid of by BP. First off, the substantial cleanup activities, boasted by these paragons of virtue, consisted of dumping millions of gallons of even deadlier chemicals directly into the Gulf of Mexico so that the oil would be out of sight. Secondly, unless we've fallen into an alternate reality where the laws of time and space don't apply, then closing the barn door after the horse is out is still an exercise in futility; so considering that the mixture of crude and CorExit (the aforementioned deadly dispersant) is considerably more toxic than either one is by itself, chances are the environmental disaster will not fade. In fact, thanks to nifty natural processes like Biomagnification and Bioaccumulation these toxins will travel on up through the food chain, increasing in toxicity along the way, until it reaches your dinner table.
But the government releases a report stating that magical microbes, which can digest trace amounts of crude on the sea floor, managed to eat a substantial portion of 5 million barrels of crude contaminated with millions of gallons of harsh detergents; not only did these tiny organisms survive this toxic bath, according to the white house scientists (who said cigarettes and cancer aren't connected and global warming doesn't exist) say they're thriving on it.
*cough* *cough* Bullshit!
How is the destruction of life in the ocean "not as serious as previously thought"?
Apparently the government and BP officials have been to busy destroying evidence to investigate any of it; hundreds of thousands of dead marine animals is pretty bloody serious, and seems like a warning that things aren't right with the world.
Seems the authorities are reading their own press.

The truth BP and the government don't want you to know

Excellent overview of the cover-up

What BP and the government don't want you to see

A collection of photos that BP doesn't want people to see which shows just why the Constitution has been suspended and there is now a no-fly zone over the BP Gulf Oil Spill.

And the moon is made out of green cheese

Millions of gallons of highly toxic surfactants plus millions of barrels of oil = nothing?
Can two wrongs make a right? Are there really no health concerns? Is the oil really all gone? OF COURSE f*&^ing NOT! 200,000 million gallons of crude sludge does not just cease to exist because some microbes were hungry, stuff evaporates and we can't see it anymore. This ignorance was mirrored within the misplaced enthusiasm people seemed to experience yesterday over losing approximately 4.5 million barrels of slick death encapsulated within poison whose properties allow for unimpeded access through cell membranes and soil depth which normally would act as barriers. Mmmmm if standing in the sun too long and having a smoke can give you cancer what are the chances that drinking/bathing and frolicking in water laced with carcinogens at contaminant levels won't make you sick?

Death of workers completely avoidable

The mysterious mud logs, like the black box of a plane or the captains ledger, it reveals all relevant geological and economical information pertaining to a deposit.
This report would allow us an unadulterated account of what really transpired within the company, a glimpse of the complete disregard that BP has for EVERYONE and ANYTHING which isn't a stockholder.
The company who analyzed the mud logs deny ever running any tests and that they have no such records on their premises; sneaky considering that the company never runs the tests they just analyze them, convenient because if those logs were ever unearthed Schlumberger would become liable for millions of dollars along with BP, Haliburton and Transocean (or the hoily trinity hehehe I so just did).

The story goes that tester dude told BP dude to dump an even heavier mud down the well to suppress gas pressure, BP dude said no (probably worried about wasting drilling time), tester dude says point me and my crew to the helipad cause we are leaving now, BP dude informs tester dude that there are no helicopters scheduled, tester dude calls home office with the conversation probably sounding something like "I don't care, get us off this f*^king thing because these crazy bastards won't listen to reason!". Tester dude and his crew are airlifted off the rig and to safety mere hours before the rig was engulfed in a toxic inferno of flaming oil and gas.

BP knew of imminent disaster

Does it bother anyone that the BP chief involved dumped his company stock three weeks before the explosion? How about the fact the his ex-colleagues at Goldman Sachs proceeded to dump 44% of their BP stock days before the rig went up in flames (all this at a time when everyone else was buying up all the BP stock they could)?Could they have known about the explosion before hand? But that's impossible if it was a freak accident...which means...In fact the Deepwater Horizon rig had been experiencing pressure issues as far back as February, one incident costing BP 25 million$; this explains the break neck speed at which the workers were forced to operate. It also explains why a BP official rejected the advise of the third party geologists who told him to start dumping drilling mud into the well to control the mounting gas pressure; this procedure would have taken time and that meant less feet being drilled per hour which was judged unacceptable. Well apparently it was a sticking point because the third party crew immediately set to finding a helicopter to evacuate them off the platform and promptly back to shore; not a moment too soon as the first explosion tore through the rig only a few short hours later. The geology and drilling report, also called the Mud Logs, was evacuated along with the team of geologists who knew very well what was about to happen.

More examples of the higher order of human intelligence...

It amazes me how people can convince themselves something ceases to exist simply because they can't see it anymore, or as one writer puts it "it's like looking down at my shoes attached to the bottom of my legs and believing that my feet have disappeared".
Apparently there exists a previously unknown human demographic who seem to believe that water doesn't move. As if there is no explanation for seeing something floating in the middle of the ocean one day and not the next; and the only way to rationalize such vodoo is to declare that what you saw must have vanished, into thin air perhaps. Cause if you can't see it on the water that must mean that it's no longer in the water.
If you pee in a pool then yes, that warm cloud of incrimination will disperse until negligible (and not turn green as myth would have us believe), however anyone who's ever ventured into the kiddy pool is well aware of the mystical phenomenon known to some as Saturation. Et VOILA!! Same pool, same volume of water yet add a few million 8 year olds who decide they all gotta go at the same time, and presto chango you're now neck deep in concentrated piss.
Now imagine you decide to stay in long enough for the pee to settle out of sight to the bottom, would it be fair to presume you blindingly stupid for believing that you were suddenly not sitting in pee anymore? I think so..
So now we have to come to grips with the fact that the mooks in charge of national policy, news coverage and industrial standards equate the second largest ocean in the world with a wading pool.