Sunday, August 8, 2010

BP knew of imminent disaster

Does it bother anyone that the BP chief involved dumped his company stock three weeks before the explosion? How about the fact the his ex-colleagues at Goldman Sachs proceeded to dump 44% of their BP stock days before the rig went up in flames (all this at a time when everyone else was buying up all the BP stock they could)?Could they have known about the explosion before hand? But that's impossible if it was a freak accident...which means...In fact the Deepwater Horizon rig had been experiencing pressure issues as far back as February, one incident costing BP 25 million$; this explains the break neck speed at which the workers were forced to operate. It also explains why a BP official rejected the advise of the third party geologists who told him to start dumping drilling mud into the well to control the mounting gas pressure; this procedure would have taken time and that meant less feet being drilled per hour which was judged unacceptable. Well apparently it was a sticking point because the third party crew immediately set to finding a helicopter to evacuate them off the platform and promptly back to shore; not a moment too soon as the first explosion tore through the rig only a few short hours later. The geology and drilling report, also called the Mud Logs, was evacuated along with the team of geologists who knew very well what was about to happen.

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