Sunday, August 8, 2010

More examples of the higher order of human intelligence...

It amazes me how people can convince themselves something ceases to exist simply because they can't see it anymore, or as one writer puts it "it's like looking down at my shoes attached to the bottom of my legs and believing that my feet have disappeared".
Apparently there exists a previously unknown human demographic who seem to believe that water doesn't move. As if there is no explanation for seeing something floating in the middle of the ocean one day and not the next; and the only way to rationalize such vodoo is to declare that what you saw must have vanished, into thin air perhaps. Cause if you can't see it on the water that must mean that it's no longer in the water.
If you pee in a pool then yes, that warm cloud of incrimination will disperse until negligible (and not turn green as myth would have us believe), however anyone who's ever ventured into the kiddy pool is well aware of the mystical phenomenon known to some as Saturation. Et VOILA!! Same pool, same volume of water yet add a few million 8 year olds who decide they all gotta go at the same time, and presto chango you're now neck deep in concentrated piss.
Now imagine you decide to stay in long enough for the pee to settle out of sight to the bottom, would it be fair to presume you blindingly stupid for believing that you were suddenly not sitting in pee anymore? I think so..
So now we have to come to grips with the fact that the mooks in charge of national policy, news coverage and industrial standards equate the second largest ocean in the world with a wading pool.

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